it's Ellis, I'm here


Stockholm ferry

I was asked very nicely to do it and I “saved the life” of an exceptionally nice girl but. damn.

I just got called in to cover a shift and my day is ruined….nice….

I must Slumber. bye little ones.

littlemammal I’m glad you feel this way like I get the appeal but There Aren’t Enough Leaves? I saw one in person for the first time two years ago and it was a let down. 5/10. electrical boxes disguised as palm trees though….solid 8/10

fun fact: aesthetically I fucking DESPISE palm trees


(Tasha Marie)

I made a cool selfie post but it didn’t go through so maybe tomorrow


MY ARMY OF FURBIES, 248 STRONG! >D(Not counting ones that are broken) I am probably missing some still, but these were the only ones I could find ^^

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