people post pictures of their nice rooms and I have such a “long term depression” room. my bedsheet started falling off two weeks ago and I’ve done j shit about it 

I did some homework and I’m wondering if I have more homework.”you only have four classes” you say, but that doesn’t stop me from not understadning ANYTHING

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another joke at which I promise you will laugh


Bright young woman Hannah has an aunt and an uncle who are getting married this Sunday. Like a good niece, she’s planning on attending in the finest dress she can afford, with gifts in tow and even a bouquet of flowers for the happy couple.

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this post is perfect and also cantaloupe is my favorite fruit, when i was little i was really confused because i thought it was an animal who grew fruit… like how fruit grows on trees but on an… antelope…

that is so cute oh my god. and cantaloupe…yes…beautiful orange spongy fruit

fishpunkt food 000

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there are people who don’t like melon and it’s painful to let them go uncriticized. what’s your fucking problem with cantaloupe bro? what did these fruits ever honey dew to you

the pun wasn't originally planned i hate myself this sucks food 000

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hey boo eva

because mobile is such shit at displaying tags I’m sorry if I never replied to something or didn’t see anything in my tag! I wasn’t ignoring you…I just didn’t see the ones that got lost….

my new haircut is definitely Too Short but I needed it off. needed it gone.